Introduction to Locusive's API

This page will help you get started with Locusive's API.

Welcome to Locusive's API docs! 👋


Locusive provides infrastructure (like APIs) and applications (like chatbots) that lets businesses connect their data to large language models (like ChatGPT). You can learn more about Locusive on our website or sign up for a free account on our app.

This site provides an overview of Locusive's API. Our hope is that they're quick, simple, and easy to understand.

What does Locusive's API do?

Locusive's API gives you access to the same chat and data management tools that our chatbot for Slack and our website use under the hood. Namely, with Locusive's API, you can:

  • Send in a query and find a list of the most relevant document snippets from any of your connected data sources or documents
  • Send documents to Locusive for use as trusted documents in future queries
  • Send chat messages to LLMs that contain the full context of all of the trusted data sources and tools you've connected (said differently, you can chat with your data and tools through our API)


Our API uses API-key based authentication. To create your API key, just log in to Locusive and head to your API keys page. When you make a request to our API, just add your API key as a Bearer token with an Authentication header. Here's a quick example below:

Authorization: Bearer <token>

Additional Resources

For additional questions, check out our Help Center.

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